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Exhibition Mersad Berber



From 23 August 2016 until 29 September 2016


23 August 20:00h


Sretni amalgam - A fortunate amalgam


Sebastian Art Gallery



About the exhibition

The inaugurated visitors were welcomed by the moderator of the exhibition Marko Kriste and on behalf of the owner of the gallery, Andreja Dujić, welcomed everyone, and the art historian and art critic Ivan Viđen presented and approached the work of Mersad Berber.

Prior to the festive opening as well as after the introduction of John View, visitors could enjoy the pleasant atmosphere that was provided by violinist Elvira Galioulline and pianist Helena Tomašković.

The ceremony was attended by Ensar Berber, son of Mersad Berber, who was responsible for the selection and painting of the painting at the exhibition itself with the help of John View. Ensar was in company with his wife and daughter. He stressed that he and his family have always been very closely associated with Dubrovnik and that he feels especially able to present the work of his famous father, Mersad, who just loved Dubrovnik in Dubrovnik and spent his spare time.

He also pointed out that his father in Dubrovnik had a great inspiration for creating many works of art. The new grand retrospective of Mersad's paintings will be in Turkey, one of Istanbul's museums.

Otherwise, for all lovers of Berber paintings, the exhibition at the Sebastian Gallery will be open by September 29th.

Source: Dubrovački Dnevnik

About the author

Mersad Berber was born on 1.1.1940. in Bosanski Petrovac, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He graduated painting at the Academy of Fine Arts (ALU) in Ljubljana in 1963, in the class of professor Maksim Sedej. The postgraduate study of graphics, by Professor Rike Debenjaka, at the ALU in Ljubljana, completes in 1965. It has been exhibited collectively since 1961, and the first independent exhibition was already in 1965 at the City Gallery in Ljubljana. Since then, the artist's multi-faceted public appearance has begun, which has long since reached the intercontinental scale.

An associate professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo becomes in 1978. Professor Berber belongs in the meantime among the most famous and most sought after contemporary world artists, and his works are now part of a large number of public and private collections as well as museums around the world. Tate Gallery in London bought his work in 1984, which he unquestionably placed beside all the great crowds gathered in this most prestigious world museum.

He presented the greatness of the artist and illustrator by illustrating numerous important books, for which he received the most international awards. His scenographic solutions are presented at the stage in Washington, Sarajevo and Zagreb. He is the author of the animated film "Tempo secondo", produced by "Zagreb Film", 1980-1985. years. In 1966, he has received about fifty artistic awards, including the awards of the cities of Banja Luka and Sarajevo, several awards in Zagreb, Belgrade and Rijeka, and significant awards in Dubrovnik, Trieste, the Sarajevo Oslobodjenje Award and the awards ZAVNOBIH (1992). One of the world's most important awards is the selection of those in Sao Paulo, Alessandria, Florence, Tokyo, New Delhi (Great Prize of the Lalit Kala Academy in 1978 and the 1980 World Book Fair Award), Monte Carlo (ICOM Award , 1978), Madrid, Leipzig, Varna, Krakow (Triennial 1997). Extensive monographs were published in 1980 and 1985 in the edition of the Mladinski knjiga, Ljubljana, and in 1997 in Sol Intercontinental, Ljubljana.

Berber Mersad passed away on October 7, 2012.

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