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Exhibition Stjepko Mamić



From 18 May 2018 until 18 May 2018


18 May 00:00h


Odiseja II - Odyssey II


Sebastian Art Gallery



About the exhibition

A solo exhibition of paintings entitled 'Odyssey II' by Dubrovnik captain and artist Capt. Stjepko Mamić, was opened last night at Gallery Sebastian.

In the name of the Sebastian Gallery, the present was welcomed by the owner of the gallery, Andreja Dujić, while more about the characteristics of the picture told the art historian Andrea Batinić Ivanković. - The artist and captain, Stjepko Mamić, is tied to his living space, his former travel, sensitive to the suggestive atmosphere, the idyllic sea archaic and the shadows of some of the past worlds that blink in everyday life. The light and colors of the Mediterranean are the guiding experiences of the artist's artistic creation. The motifs themselves carry sufficient beauty, but fullness is gained in integration with the colouristic truth and a series of chromatic changes. In the synergy of a mild expressionist gesture flattered by intimate experiences, capt. Stjepko Mamić with his remarks reflects the touch of the constant appearance of individual beings and substances with a flash of moments that connect the power of primordial beauty and vibrancy of color light. In painting capt. Stjepacki Mamic seems to have some hidden inner life that makes up the foundation from which his art is fed. Sea depths, boats, fishing nets, sea life - are the inescapable inspiration of a unique artist with an authentic pictorial excerpt. The most intriguing cycle in Mamic's Opus is occupied by his Networks cycle, which presents a series of variations on the subject of the experience of an open cosmic space in the endless depths of the sea. . Fishing nets that are placed in the infinite blue of the sea deep emerge with powerful energy, a series of intricate knots and colorful loops "caught" in pure zen within the vortex of the sea's infinity.

Anyone who has a "dive" in any captain's picture will in the moment see the sovereign knowledge, style, will and strength of his art. Therefore, the adjective is perfectly perfectly fully attached to the work of capt. Because he wants his art to be everything and everywhere, to overcome himself! Not only does the whole world see his work, where he has already succeeded, but the whole world is his work. A blue drop in the infinite universe.

Finally, I spoke to the artist who thanked the organizers of the exhibition and emphasized how pleased she was for the exhibition in Dubrovnik, but also announced her further "art travel", including the participation in Art Capital, which will be held in February In 2018 at the Grand Palais in Paris. Andrea Ivanković Batinić

About the author

The internationally renowned artist Capt.Stjepko Mamic has attracted international Circle of collectors, drawn by his colourful and mystical style and charismatic persona. He has been drawing and painting since childhood, but life first pushed him for 30 years to the sea where become a ship’s captain in mercantile marine. Eleven years ago, he returned to his first love, painting. He has perfected the techniques of contemporary painting at the Academia du Port-Royal, Paris, France (with Proof. Jean Maxime Relange and Prof. Dina Pickard) and at the Academy D'Arte , Florence, Italy (with Prof. Sonia De Franceschi).

In France he become member of famous Fondation Taylor and Societe des Artistes Independants. He exhibit with Salon du dessin et de la peinture à l'eau and Salon d'Automne as well. (He will be back to Paris as participant at the Salon d'Automne, Paris, October 2018 and Art Capital, at the Grand Palais, Paris, February 2019.)

He is also member of Accademia Culturale Europea, Rome, Italy; The Croatian Association Of Artists-Dubrovnik (HDLU-Dubrovnik): ICAF - International Culture and Arts Federation, South Korea; Art Nation, International Artist Association based in Munich, Germany; Gogyoshi Art Project International and others.

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